Booty Camp Volume 1

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This program is for gym BEGINNERS

Meaning for anyone who is new to the gym and doesn't know where to start.

The 6 week booty camp guide is a program that was made to focus on your glutes specialized to hit each muscle. Diana Ruiz has personally executed this program. It consists of 2 days focused on glutes and one leg day. The program will also include a full and in-depth look at a full 6 weeks of growing your Glutes, Hamstrings, Quads and Calves. However, it is a program you can use to maintain beyond the 6 weeks as well, to ensure you continue to make booty gains! Diana Ruiz gives you all of her  knowledge and its up to you to put in the WORK. Consistency and a Good diet is KEY to major Booty Gains!


**This is a gym based program GYM EQUIPMENT Required & No meal plan is included**

Please Note