Booty @ Home

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The "Booty @ Home" is my newest home guide. This program is a 8-week GLUTE only program you can do at home. The program utilizes a new high-volume approach to training your glutes. It consists of 8 weeks of 3 glute days per week. The program features pictures of exercise illustrations as well as helpful nutritional information and diagram. 
No equipment required for this guide you can simply use body weight but if you have equipment at home by all means please go ahead and use it. 

*This product cannot be properly returned so all sales are final. This is a home based downloadable e-book/pdf.


El programa presenta imágenes de ilustraciones de ejercicios, así como información nutricional útil y diagramas.

* Este producto no se puede devolver correctamente, por lo que todas las ventas son finales. Este es un libro electrónico / pdf descargable basado en el hogar.


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